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The male lover of a studmuffin (the female variety). Originated between a teen couple, Robby and Tina. She was Studmuffin, he was Studbagel. A love that will never end<3
Studbagel and Studmuffin would spend every night together on the phone. Studbagel would stay up till midnight to talk to his Studmuffin, seeing as she was 3 hours behind him in the time zone. Then he, studbagel, and she, studmuffin, would talk the night away
by SoloR4life92 April 14, 2011
Like a Stud Muffin, only Jewish
Dude, your wife is a babe, You must be a real Stud Bagel
by Sgt. I.M. Nobody October 05, 2008
one who is hot enough
to melt cream cheese on a bagel
in the cold arctic circle of Zimbabwe
what a stud bagel!!!!
by Asian Corn October 24, 2008