Stud is what cool dudes call pre-operation trannies and drag queens to confuse them. A way of telling trannies and drag queens the gig is up.
Lady Bunny, the popular drag queen is a stud!
by james atlas February 21, 2005
A studdy studding stud lad who studs women. All whilst looking stud.
Look at his hair, what a studding studcut
by Studding stud May 05, 2011
A lesbian female who dresses like a male. Other associated words: butch, dyke
"I don't like feminine looking girls. I want a stud."
by Evette Berry January 12, 2005
A male slut.
"Darren 'The Stud' Johnson enjoyed long nights of casual encounters with his classmates, but when he met that slut Maria, the entire school knew that both of them were lost in each other forever."
by Whimsy December 25, 2009
The aggressive one in a lesbian relationship.She is aggressive and wears baggy clothes but at the same time you can tell she is a pretty girl and if she wanted to be a prettyfem.
Also niggasstill try to get at her.
Alicia-Damn that stud looking right.
Dana-Yea she too sexy she need to be a fem.
Alicia and Dana-2 bad she not.
by EveryStudzWish1 December 19, 2004
(N.) In a lesbian relationship, the stud has the more aggressive mentality (in most cases).

A "stud" typically dresses more masculine, and enjoys the normal "man" activities (ie. watching sports, hanging out, fucking).

A "stud" is stereotypically used to describe a black masculine lesbian, as most white masculine lesbians are considered "butch".
Hey, did you know that Tammy has a new stud?
by Lia' January 27, 2004
1)Male Definition: a guy that fucks as many women as he can
2)Female Definition: a male slut
"that guy is a stud!!!"
by Anonymous October 18, 2003

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