A white dude who has the "magic" to get any chick he wants.
"Dude, check out that dude. See all them girls around him? That dude's a pimp." "Nah, dude. That dude's white. He's a stud."
by footballstud580 April 03, 2004
aggressive dyke, butch, dominant lesbian, tomboy, masculine lesbian
I love STUDS!!!!!!
by Miss Pebbles July 29, 2003
Stud is an abbreviation for a Danish venue called Studenterhuset (The Student House, in English). People like to say it, because they think it sounds more cool. But it's lame, and it fucking sucks.
by Zack Knuckleson November 19, 2010
a woman who can orgasm by the pleasure of giving an orgasm to a woman
the stud came just as her girlfriend came in her mouth
by stylistic August 25, 2007
a female that looks like a man(a lesbian thing)
or a male that looks very attractive
female1: that boy look good
female2: that aint no boy its a girl
female1: oh so she a stud
female2: shit u dnt care no way u know u like that
by ~*~SAPPHIRE~*~ April 17, 2007
not a dud
A stud is not a dud
by me November 01, 2003
Term used by many trans* people to describe those who do not identify as a male or female; used in place of 'boy' or 'girl'; used to describe the gender of genderqueer or gender non-conforming people
Ze's not a boy, ze's a stud!
by Carson the Great October 11, 2011
The butch woman in a lesbian relationship. She's the masculine one
Who are you with now?
A stud I met in class.
by yay-its-amee January 08, 2009

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