A dominant lesbian who is usually in control of the relationship. They fuck their girls with straps. A stud will always have a femme girlfriend.
Studs are so fuckin' aggresive but they sexy as hell.
by Philly Girl August 18, 2003
a sexually-promiscuous male person; a wolf; a tomcat
The handsome stud often cruised chicks in his Corvette and readilly scored goddesses!!
by Jon64Bailey January 14, 2009
someone who exemplifies studliness and is just a plain stud
Wow, Nuria is just such a stud.
by theultimatestud April 13, 2011
1. a very masculine (and generally young) male person: a guy who is very strong, handsome, buff and/or atheletic: a handsome young jock
2. a boy or young man, not necessarily atheletic, who is quite academic in school: a very studious young fellow (altered after 'studious')
The football star was a total stud and got all the nice young ladies after the game. The stud always got A's in math.

NOTE: conventionally, this term only applied to males when it became in vogue in the 1970's among American youth culture. It never really should be applied to females.
by Jon64Bailey January 06, 2009
A person who gets all the girls. THey normally have no personality, and are great athletes.
Tyler Is such a stud.
by Tyler Is A Stud November 27, 2008
1. Male beast good for only breeding. (short version of STUpiD)
He is such a stud
by offendedbythisword October 01, 2011
someone/something who is paid to get laid
1) My dog studs out to bitches for $500 minimum.

2) If yo bitch ass wants to get with this stud its gonna cost u $100 an hour.
by dogluv329 July 16, 2010
another word for COOL. Everyone wants to hang out with you because your Cool and Want to be noticed. A stud can mean being popular, cute, and HOT. but thats NOT all, a stud can be Very Talented at something like for ex: break dancing , tagging/graffing, ect...
Lynn: OMG your so COOL
James: no, i'm Not. You ARE
Lynn: No. its because i'm not a STUD like you. you STUD!
James: uhh...noo Lynn, i'm not a STUD because your WAY cooler than ME.

bubu: did you see ?
babu: see what ?
bubu: see that stud !
babu: what stud ?!
bubu: that BREAKER/TAGGER. he's soooo HOT. Hotter than my boooyfriend oh shoot. don't tell my boyfriend that please!
babu: haha, okay .
bubu: thanks!
babu: you're welcome, but i gotta say, ahh he's quite HOTT too ! heheeh
by lolala December 09, 2007

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