Cassandra Johnson
Cassandra Johnson Is Taking Fits Today Being Stubborn!
by Jose Valentine September 02, 2008
Someone that will not buy a lighter for someone else after that someone else had done a lot of favors for the other person.
"Hey Stephanie, can you buy me a lighter?"

"No, I am subborn, blah blah blah ."

by Jay Pea April 23, 2007
someone who will not listen to you for shit/crap is stubborn.
i told my classmates the following line:mistakes are from to of them replied by saying:that is just a saying. the other reacted by saying:not the stupid mistakes.they are stubborn because they will not me listen for crap.
by omar afifi August 03, 2006
Niketa Celina Veras
dont be stubborn
by johny March 30, 2004

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