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An idiotic word made up by iCarly for the movie "iPsycho". It means dorishly geekie retards.
That dude in the plad overalls looks like such a stubrag!!!!!
by OctopusGerbil June 05, 2010
A stub rag is a person with a weird, boring personality. iCarly introduced the word in her episode iPsycho!.
The webicon convention is going to be full of a bunch of stub rags.
by Tremendousbrunette3 June 13, 2010
a person of a geeky nature. one who is also known as a nerd of sorts. without popularity or personality
Only stubrags will be at the party!
by sheermace June 06, 2010
A cloth, sock or t-shirt used to clean off a penis after having intercourse or masturbating.
Tony seen his mother using his stub rag as a pillow, the same he used the night before watching porno.
by jokingkong January 15, 2011
a short person's do-rag
Yo, did you see that midget's stubrag?
by catpooper June 05, 2010