when someone grabs a hackysac in mid-flight with there hands
" Yo! you just pulled a Stu"
by |-|4C|<|\\/|4|\\| March 06, 2003
A Stu is a boy and/or a man who is ugly and/or totally undeserving and/or unappreciative of his super cool and usually extremely attrative girlfriend who could do better.
Also see"Sue"
"Dude, what the hell does she see in that guy, he such a Stu!"
by Aaron Tye & Nate Burgan September 04, 2006
Short for "Stupid Ass", so you can refer to the "Stupid Ass" at work, in emails or out loud, w/o worry of your boss / co-workers knowing who you are talking about...
"That moron, Stu, screwed everthing up again!"
by BastardBoy November 19, 2003
pertaining to or including overally strong character development, a lack of explosions and/or other action sequences and in general boring

Synonyms: Artsy-fartsy
Antynyms: Brickell
The pianist is such a stu movie
by DB June 10, 2004
see jamesor canadian
Man that Stu kid is not cooler than Chase.


Omfg stu loves to emeril men!!!
by JamesAndStuLoveTheCock February 26, 2003
A Seattle male with a huge cranium. Usually smells of bacon grease and enjoys feminine past-times.

Also, see entry for "Stupid".
Oh no, it's Stu!
by Snuggz November 19, 2003
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