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stuffed animal, tooth brush, underwear. one of 3, 2 or 3 or all 3!!
friend: yo is my girl dtf?
other friend: i dunno check her purse, if she has one of the 3 STUs then shes down

ex 2.

friend to girl: cammon, you brought one of ur STUs, your clearly going to get fucked tonight

ex 3. Fuck its 4am in the morning and i wanna go fucked jared... i dont have my STUs will u please bring them for me
by glassmangirllaniskust October 18, 2010
1 4
verb: to poop

noun: poop

adjective: gross, poopy, disgusting
It smells like stu in here!
by flamekittyrawr February 06, 2011
2 6
Short way of saying "stupid"
Someone makes a dumb comment your reaction and the word that come out of your mouth is..."stuuuuuuuuu"
by mikanxder July 25, 2008
22 26
Starfucking, talentless, wannabe hipster who leaves women unsatisfied emotionally, mentally, and above all else....sexually and physically. See Lily Allen's "Not fair", to get an idea of what this unpleasing minute man is really all about.

Last.....never...EVER, trust one of these. Their fake charm is really all they've got.
Wow, a Stu left me so unsatisfied last night, I was tempted to get a male prpstitute.

Haha, that girl must have been with a Stu, they're so horrible in bed.
by slowjamz10 February 07, 2011
2 7
wot a wonderful guy that steals my socks! and flicks water at me! he is my husband!
We all love stu
by speif June 26, 2003
25 33
same as calling someone a retard, and/or a crusty ass mother fucker.
Also can be used to call someone a gay redneck.
Stop being a stu.
Dude you are fucking stu.
stu scribles
by jr24 April 15, 2010
3 12
one who likes to be an ashhole

thee best wow char ever
hes just likes stus

i just got stused
by mikerodo November 16, 2006
4 14