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He's this guy, and he's pretty funny sometimes, and he wears a mask and yells "Holy Crap", but I seriously don't think he's enough of an awesome guy to get all these entries. I mean, come on. Strong Bad is awesome, but not that awesome. Get over it. Please. I can't take any more!!!
Strong Bad says he's awesome and punches people, but he really isn't worth all this fuss.
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Something I was done with the second I saw it on IRC 3 months ago. Let it go, man.
God dammit, Desi won't stop downloading SWFs of this in my TADGA class! WHY IS SHE HERE, ANYWAY?
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
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who?? oh that psycho who thinks hes really tough, haha, hes a puss puss, i beat him down like 5 times, then he burned my house down hehehe hes going to die....
moo moo mooooo!! im voodoo cursing you!!
by SavageMessiah September 07, 2003
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