He's this guy, and he's pretty funny sometimes, and he wears a mask and yells "Holy Crap", but I seriously don't think he's enough of an awesome guy to get all these entries. I mean, come on. Strong Bad is awesome, but not that awesome. Get over it. Please. I can't take any more!!!
Strong Bad says he's awesome and punches people, but he really isn't worth all this fuss.
Something I was done with the second I saw it on IRC 3 months ago. Let it go, man.
God dammit, Desi won't stop downloading SWFs of this in my TADGA class! WHY IS SHE HERE, ANYWAY?
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
who?? oh that psycho who thinks hes really tough, haha, hes a puss puss, i beat him down like 5 times, then he burned my house down hehehe hes going to die....
moo moo mooooo!! im voodoo cursing you!!
by SavageMessiah September 07, 2003

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