A neckless, tights-wearing kinda-guy with few words at his disposal. Strong Mad talks in yells that are sometimes incoherent. Is not very bright at all. As his name suggests, he is very strong and constantly mad, except when accompanied by his best friend, The Cheat. His brother Strong Bad seems to have some sort of control over him, but that sometimes does not last. Earlier footage shows that he did once have a bump-like head, which probably became flat due to lack of use. Not much more is known about Strong Mad, except that he mostly stays at home, possibly pummeling other brother Strong Sad, does not enjoy being filmed, and enjoys breaking stuff.
by dpo June 21, 2004
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strong bad's brother.a huge guy with no neck or head and wears a high-school wrestling unniform.most of the time hes unable to make out english words.

strong-bad:uh yeah strong mad,thats real funny....
by brett October 16, 2003
Strong Bad and Strong Sad's brother. Distinguishing features are his complete lack of a neck, purple singlet, large size, and lack of intelligence.
by Stage 9 April 22, 2003
Enormous brother of strongbad with no neck and almost no vocabulary. Very loud and violent, good friend of the cheat.
Strongmad sat on invisible Strongbad.
by Morgan Webb May 11, 2003
A character on homestarrunner.com. He is a wrestler, weighs around a million pounds, and can't talk quietly. He is brothers with Strong Bad and Strong Sad.
"E-Commerce!! E-Business!!!"
"I can be the quietest mouse!! I live in the quietest house!!!"
by Jonah Rowley November 13, 2004
1. Big brother of Strong Bad and Strong Sad. Former tag-team wrestling champion.
2. Is your Refrigerator Perry running?
3. Likes The Cheat
4. Hates this movie.
Hey Strong Mad, I'm right here, the floating swiss cake roll!
by Jaosn August 08, 2003
A large, squarish, brutish person commonly observed in his natural role of protecting his little buddy The Cheat from larger predators, like being sat on by Strong Sad or Pom-Pom.

-Strong Mad
by Gneekman April 04, 2004
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