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(verb):secretly performing a sexual act with a member of another race while outwardly condemning such an act
Do you think Tucker is going to strom thurmond Tamika tonight after he goes to the confederate rally at the state house?

racism south carolina sex bigotry hypocrisy segregation
by Billingsley Kipling Cooper III April 14, 2010
Old shit.
Damn, Strom Thurmond is one fat strom thurmond.
by Bob January 20, 2003
Stephen Lynch explains it best:
"He's about a thousand years old, republican senator from the deep south... He's a racist. Then when he died, we heard he had fathered like fifteen black children."
"Thomas Jefferson. Hugh Grant. David Bowie. STROM THURMOND! STROM THURMOND!"
by Yournumber1 July 21, 2008
A sex act. to perform a Strom Thurmond is to double fist someone, then spread your arms as hard as you can. It is called the Strom Thurmond because of his support for segregation: after you tear a man or woman in half by doing this their two halves are "seperate but equal"
"I was just trying to get a little kinky, but I accidently gave my boyfriend a Strom Thurmond and now I'm on trial for murder!"
by mylz February 22, 2008