Flashing someone repeatedly and quickly causing them to have a stroke.
Hey, johnny, Tim and I were caught strobing the old lady down the street
by Brookofhal July 31, 2011
Top Definition
The act of getting high off of a rotation between a strobe light and a black light. The best way to get high. Drugs suck.
Oh my good joey we are strobing right now!
Jimmy this is so mellow!
by Pyroplya January 18, 2009
(verb) the act of listening to the song "strobe" by deadmau5, henceforth living life to the fullest. Some have argued that it adds a 4th dimension the mundane reality of normal life, especially upon hitting the drop at 6:50.
Dude, I was strobin' today while studying for finals.

I don't know how people live life without strobing.

Dude, when I strobe, everything just makes sense.

Hey man, what are you doin?
I'm strobin' on my way to practice.

Dude, I creamed my levi's today when I hit the drop.
You were doing what?
by bonchburger5 May 01, 2012
When someone flashes their headlights so much it looks like a strobe light
That guy is strobing you!
by James Doakes February 07, 2009
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