boobs, tits
Man that chick has some bigass strobes. I wanna run it in between 'em.

Hey ho, show me dem strobes!

Damn foo, your bitch has got some lopsided-ass strobes.
by Ian June 16, 2003
Crazy cunts, frequently originating from Alberta, that move into your house and never leave. They are frequently known to commune with "spirits" and offer half-baked remedies that they supposedly cultivated from reading archaic books written by witch doctors. Sometimes they like to take off all their clothes and strobe naked by the Lac while Ron bends over the side of the canoe exposing his genitalia, allowing for his low-hanging ballsack to drift over the side of said canoe.
"So you want to learn?" *strobes* naked for the aliens to come and probe her clitie and finish her off with a hot, ripe alishasingh.
by cornwallbeauty August 28, 2011
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