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A combination of sweat/secretions and glitter (sometimes with tears re 'their life choices') often left on a customer after a lap dance
"Oh man as soon as I go home I have to shower this stripper juice off me before my girl smells it and kills me"
by CaliJ May 22, 2007
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The scent left on you after close contact with a stripper.
"My wife knew I was at the titty bar because I came home reeking of stripper juice."
by Lolamuffin August 18, 2008
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Stripper Juice is a brand of Cleaner & Polish. It is designed specifically for motorcycles. Yes, it's provocative and exciting, and will leave your bike gleaming like a freshly polished stripper pole on Saturday night. Stripper Juice is a fast & easy detailer that can be used on painted surfaces, chrome, helmets, glass, and windshields. Stripper Juice is an American Made product.
Everyone should clean their bike with Stripper Juice! It "Gets you off clean!"

"Stripper Juice works great on chrome, painted surfaces, and windshields!"

"Dang!! Your bike's dirty! You need to get you some Stripper Juice on that thing!"

I saw the Stripper Juice at Bikeweek and their trailer was rockin!!
by Otis Ward January 16, 2009
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