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A rare sub-species of IT guy. Often found in a makeshift lair under a computer desk, likes apathetic lions and striped shirts. Possessed of an inexplicable urge to feed people, possibly to keep them away from his lair.

Best known for dropping his trousers at random. There is no known correlation between these incidents and the number of people present.
Random person: "Holy crap! What's that guy doing?!"

Co-worker: "Oh that's Stripey Dave. Don't mind him, he does that a lot..."
#flasher #it #eek! #stripes #trousers
by eBay_is_awesome November 09, 2010
1 Word related to Stripey Dave
A large weird IT guy who has a penchant for large stripey designer shirts. Abnormally cheery and has a food fixation.
New Member of Staff: Who's that big chick in a Mu-Mu?

Experienced Member of Staff: What do you mean 'chick'? That's 'Stripey Dave' from IT, he has a penchant for large Mu-Mu like designer shirts...
#mu-mu #it #weird #food #stripey
by AnonSD November 09, 2010
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