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The act of painting a small rodent black and white (like a lemur tail) and inserting ones dong inside it's bum and out it's mouth. Then screwing some hot babe with it on your lap rocket.
Guy 1: "So how did prom go?"
Guy 2: "It was going good until her mom asked me to give her a Stretch Lemur, then It went great!"
by Silent Z 91 April 26, 2011
The act of fingering a small puppy, while lighting a blunt with a pencil, drawing a picture with your toes, listening to Duran Duran, and watching skat porn; To completely rape somebody in every aspect of everything and anything ever imagined in the whole entire universe.
Oh....damn....I just stretchlemurred the piss out of you.
by ChillyWilly321 April 28, 2011