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A teenaged daughter named Jessica who causes ulcers that cover more than 30% of your stomach lining within a span of 11 months.
Originally referred to as "grace of God", but during the teen years is often referred to as, "Curse from God Himself".
"I just got off the phone with Stressica... her school counselor is wishing to set up outpatient family therapy."

"Stressica just called me. She's pregnant."

"Stressica needs more money."

Doctor: "Stressica's herpes test results came back negative. However, your EKG results are coming back as... hello? Hello? Nurse, call 9-11!"
by Bulletproof Dee Cup January 27, 2009
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A proper noun used to refer to a female who is always stressing her self out, usually over a guy.
"I think Josh is cheating on me. I called him 57 times and he's not answering"

"Chill, Stressica. He's probably taking a nap"
by ibeknowing July 02, 2014

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