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A person or object that is so inept and churlish that it causes one an immense amount of stress. Usually a coworker who takes zero responsibility for any wrong doing while blaming others, and at the same time taking credit for work that he or she did not produce.
Dan: Yeah I know, I know, yeah you put that number in the wrong place and that's why the entire system crashed
You: What? I did not put that there, you did
Dan: Yeah I know, I know, but it was still your fault
You: Stop being a stress hole, you are giving me diabetes
by Foxygrandpa13 February 07, 2014
n. \'stres hOl\: a: when one is under emotional or physical tension and one acts in an ass hole like manner towards those around you. b: When ones usual calm equilibrium is altered through tension or stress to a state of agitation, short temperedness or general duche baggery. syn ass hole, jerk, dill hole, dill weed, jack ass, duche bag

Etymology: Stress- hardship, adversity, tension- French. Hole-orifice, emptyness, devoid of substance or emotion- Old English
God, my friend can be a real stress hole when he has a deadline looming!
by RedRockRobin April 18, 2011