Sometimes Apolitical, sometimes Anarchist, punks with DIY clothing who bum around, they stay outta their parents house, dont ask for money except from random people, dont have cell phones, dont have ipods, dont go to school, sometimes they got cassette players, they steal food and other stuff to live on, drink a lot of beer, do a lot of drugs because they know all the dealers and scrape cash from selling drugs or stuff, they have the mentality that "life is short, fuck it, why live under anybody's rules", theyre also usually nice people, but theyre slick as hell, they take punk to the absolute apex of its meaning and you catch them at only the most hardcore shows
Person 1: Yo man who is that kid with the crazy studded jacket and dirty clothes?

Person 2: Hes the local street punk, hes been livin at the squat house up the street.

Person 1: Why the fuck would he do that?

Person 2: He just doesn't give a fuck. He's Roman.
by AzraelPunxxx March 01, 2010
A person who likes some form of punk and spends alot of time on the street.By nightfall, the punk will either have or have pandhandled enough money to go into a rock show or a club.
Punks who live the lifestyle The Casualties do.
by TessekTheQuarren December 09, 2003
the new wave of punk rock music.

usually have perfect mohawks, perfect patches, money, and shit like that...

real street punks live on the street.

most of them look the same, actually all of them do...

hardcore punk is the real punk that people should look into.

fuck oi, fuck street punk. HXC PUNK IS REAL!
the casualties, agressive bastards, revolt and destroy... oh im sorry i mean... revolt and destr"OI", typical street punk
by don't worry about my name August 09, 2008

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