a type of social group and/or type of punk rock music
the casualties
by Danielle April 08, 2003
a form of punk culture more associated with real punk (NOT afi and green day)bands, leather jackets are a staple of street punk fashion, aften adorned with pins,patches,studs and paintings of band logos. street punks typically are interested in all types of punk,'77, uk82 and oi!. tight stretch jean s, bondage pants,denim jackets with studs, pins and patches,doc martens,creepers, and converse are also commonly worn. street punk is now a term to describe real punks, who dont fit with mainstream society.Common hairstyles are ,short n spiky,mowhawks,liberty spikes, and buzzcuts. though punks may appear tough or dangerous. they are usually quite nice and open minded. punk is about doing your own thing.
uk 82 bands:gbh,exploited,abrasive wheels,adicts
77 bands: Germs,Slaughter & the dogs,Stiff little fingers,999
Oi!:Angelic Upstarts,Blitz,4 skins
street punk: casualties,cheap sex,lower class brats
by ultraviolence May 01, 2007
A genre of person characterized by wearing combat boots, military jackets, loud music, alcohol, and spending alot of time out in the street. Sometimes panhandling. This genre has 2 subcategories:

1. Anti-Nazis. These are punks whom wear the "NAZI PUNKS FUCK OFF" gear and etc, they sport a variety of hair styles (generally a mohawk or spike variety) and are nice people, they just dont have the best manners. They have a traditional punk view except they tend to be social liberals with anti-establishment overtones. An anti-nazi is signatured by their anti-nazi patch worn on their right arm and has an ecto-sign over a swastika. Usally coupled with a sharpied message (i.e."Erase Racism"). An anti-nazi band is The Casualties.

2. Iron Crosses. These are nazi-skinheads who tend to predominate in the south and are the exact opposite of the anti-nazis. They hate about every minority, shave their heads, are violent, listen to skrewdriver, and wear the iron cross(a german medal of valor) as their logo. Open about their preachings of hate.

NOTE: Iron Crosses are often confused with trads, who are non-nazi skins who simply live a lifestyle of party and political nihilism. Trads are bands like Blanks 77. They look similar, except trads DO NOT wear the swatika/germany gear.
Anti-nazi: Hello, I dont give a flying fuck what you think of me and I have strong political opinions.

Iron Cross: HEIL HITLER!
by Andrew June 06, 2004
Street punk is loud, fast, obnoxious, rude, angry, aggressive, and violent music. It's represented by a scene of kids who refuse to change or grow up. the fashion usually consists of denim/leather vests/jackets, studs, spikes,pins, patches, painted bands, boots, tight pants, camo pants, plaids or anything else that can appear absolutely absord. Hair styles can range anywhere from a blue mohawk, a bleached charge, a rainbow tri-hawk, or pretty much anything else that stands out. Street punks aren't pussy emo fags who whine all the time or cry when the government makes a decision. Their more concerned about going to the shows and getting drunk. Unity, staying young and usually a general hatred for normal society, rules, conformity and the expected life are key ideas related to this scene. Street punks will always stand up for themselves and their buddies, no matter the consequences (i.e. getting beat down by 40 kids or serving 5 years in jail).
Defiance, Oxymoron, Clit 45, Blanks 77, Cheap Sex, A global threat, the unseen, lower class brats, monster squad, action, are all street punk bands.

(kid and 10 friends approach a street punk)
Kid: Nice hair, faggot!
Street punk: What the fuck did you say?
Kid: I said nice...FUCK! (street punk knocks kid out and attackas all of his friends.)
by Flinchy November 29, 2007
an offshoot of the early british oi! scene pioneered by bands like cock sparrer and the 4-skins. some of the early streetpunk bands included the varukers, vice squad, blitz, the exploited, and the business. most present streetpunk bands such as union 13, the unseen, the krum bums, resilence, and the devotchkas have taken on a more aggresive style of streetpunk, but some bands like the street brats, the lancasters, and antidote (the one from holland, not new york) still play the more traditional style of it. it has widely become a laughing matter in most punk circles because most of its most outspoken bands (the casualties, cheap sex, and about 90% of the other bands on punkcore records) sing about nothing more than how drunk they can get, how punk they are, how much they hate emo and how spiky their hair is.
streetpunk is a great genre if you know what bands to listen to
by borstalbreakout September 11, 2006
street punk is a form of music for those who are working class or poor. those who dont fit in that catagory cannot relate to a street punks lyrics because they are not part of that lifestyle. street punks are usually alcoholics who drown lifes injustices with beer almost every day. drug use is most common aswell. the appearance of a street punk is deceiving, you may think that they look mean or stupid but in reality they are some of the nicest people who want the same things to happen in the world as any other decent human wants such as fair justice, unity and peace without war. they usually wear tight pants, leather jackets and boots. people think that punks are ignorent but its the opposite, when a punk walks by and hears a group of people call him a fag or freak this is ignorant not what the punk does in response to this. most punks dislike other punks they dont know (its ignorant and unexplainable)*PEOPLE WHO GO TO SCHOOL AND LIVE WITH THERE PARENTS DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT STREET PUNK*its also common for street punk groups to sell out their roots at some point in their career contradicting what they once sang about.
the casualties (at one point)
the unseen (at one point)
(street punk)
by len stuart December 27, 2005
Best defined as a sub-genre of Punk music.

Commonly associated with punks living in the city or those in the working class.
Street Punk scenario

Random schmuck 1: Joey Schmo went straight from his job site to the ss decontrol show.

Random Schmuck 2: Yeah man, Joey does define street punk.

by Ruben B A June 25, 2007
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