An ongoing battle between Ryu and Ken. And a bunch of folks who step in to fight either of the two.
Although I do admit that Cammy babe is one sexy fox, and her outfit is so tight you can see a camel toe between her legs.
by ... August 29, 2003
the best 2-d fighting game series ever, and i will stab and/or disembowel anyone who says otherwise.
person: Lets play Street Fighter
person2: I masterbate furiously to naked pictures of Chun-Li all the time.
by Mr. Zimpy November 22, 2009
Ususally a motorcycle with a sport oriented nature that has had most of its fairings removed to create sort of an unfinished, tough and urban look. A Ducati Monster is a prime exaple.
Look for a non-existent windscreen, loud exhast and distinct lack of platic. Dual headlights are becoming a popular option as well.
See that squid jam through traffic on the Duc? Dumbass is only wearing a half-lid so he'd better not dump it.
by jphilm March 28, 2004
someone who fights in unorganized and unprofitable fights, planned or at the heat of the moment. no rules, no gloves, sometimes weapons and usually ends pretty fast, and is not to be confused with people getting jumped or jumping someone with uneven numbers.
oh, I know him, he is a pretty tough streetfighter.
by crazykindacoolguy March 25, 2011
When you are fisting both a woman's ass and vagina at the same time. It looks like you are imitating Ryu from the Capcom game
I was in her wrist deep giving her the street fighter
by Ercsmith5 December 16, 2013
v: To use the same move over and over while playing an Arcade game.
"Dude, wtf you're totally streetfightering me. Learn some real moves"
by Schaarmander February 25, 2009
Process taking place during a mexican standoff or a reverse cowboy/cowboy in which the woman is riding the man and right before the man reaches climax, the man says "ha-do-ken" and punches the woman in the back of the head or in the face to cause her to clench her "southern muscles" thus doubling the man's climax.
I love street fighter so much that when my girlfriend's riding reverse cowboy, i yell ha-do-ken and punch her in the back of the hear... but she doesnt even lose her rythem one bit and says, give it to me ryu!!!
by Julio December 31, 2004
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