What happens when you mix a ginger and a blonde together...yeah, the result isn't too pretty.
Joey and Grace's babies came out strawberry blonde with tempers of a ginger and IQs of a blonde.
by californiagurlzyepp June 07, 2011
a term used to refer to oneself instead of GINGER.
most likely if you're strawberry blonde, you're a ginger kid.
caleb is strawberry blonde LOL.
by ~anonymous April 20, 2008
a nice way of describing one of the worst shades of ginger
ginger people's hair often turns this colour when they attempt to dye it blonde
"wow you have weird light ginger hair"
"its strawberry blonde!!!!!!!!!"
by ja123 June 16, 2009
Natural strawberry blonde hair appears to be a shade of very light, rose-tinged blond-ish brown, but that is only an optical illusion. Strawberry blonde hair is a combination of two individual hair colors - blonde and red - on one scalp. Each strand of hair is either blonde or red, with red always predominant. There are no in-between, "pinkish" strands. The difference in shades of strawberry blonde hair depend on the proportion of blonde strands to red strands. Natural human hair has a variety of shades, but genetically they can only be of blonde, red or brunette. Pink hair only comes from salons.
Similarly, the "shade" of hair known as dirty blonde is a combination of individual strands that are either blonde or dark brunette, nothing in between, and blonde is always predominant.
Casey he waltzed with the strawberry blonde/And the band played on
by Souldeep69 September 05, 2016
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