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A tiny little town in South Jersey where most people over the age of 13 drink, or smoke weed. Theres 7000 people, so its kinda annoying people think its big even though its only a square mile. Theres a rivalry between Stratford and laurel springs, and most people go to Sterling or PVI. You could be out all night and not be caught by anyone. Its got some history in it but with each generation less and less people know it.
Nick : Wow, that kids from stratford, he must be rich.
David : No, only half of stratford is rich, dumbass
by ---=+-_-_-+=--- November 25, 2009
6 14
Stratford is one of the finer BLUE COLLAR towns in South Jerseywhere drunken white kids and corrupt police run wild. Stratford is strategically located between Laurel Springs, Somerdale, and Magnolia where there are constantly town rivalries, fights, and parties. The drinks of choice are Miller Light, Keystone, Natural Ice, and anything that can fit into a 40oz bottle or smashed into a car window.

While in Stratford you may come across gangs of kids under the age of 21 staggering away from a party that has been broken up by the stratford police (or national gard). If you are from out of town you will be made fun of instantly and without question. NOBODY gets money from their "mommy" or "daddy" because we work for a living. If you are unemployed at the age of 17 you are considered a bum. If your family's yearly income surpasses 200,000 dollars... be prepared to be made fun of.. not due to jealousy...but because we know that you don't know what life is like and there is a 99.9% chance we could probably kick your ass.

Most importantly, Stratford produces the BEST athletes in the state of NJ, and possibly the country. In any given sport there will be at least 10 kids with above average intelligence, attending Sterling High School, just waiting to HUMILIATE their opposition.
You live in Stratford if you know what the word "critter" means and you use it !
by Sonnie December 24, 2005
171 93
An area of northeast London, UK, situated in Newham, one of the poorest boroughs in the city. It has recently acquired some degree of fame as the location of the main Olympic Stadium for London 2012, leading to it becoming known as the "Olympic Borough". The problem with this is that it has led to the whole area being a perpetually unfinished mess of roadworks and chewing gum, with the glitz and glamour of Westfield and the Stadium separated by a literal wall of shops from the grimy residential areas full of kebab houses, flower shops and knife crime. In short, a complete and utter mess. To be avoided if at all possible - unless you live there, in which case you probably don't have enough money to leave.
Since the Olympic building projects got underway I've found it increasingly difficult to leave my house, since I live in Stratford.
by thehuw July 20, 2012
18 1
A man of Israeli descent who is unaware of his origin. The only indicators are the stereotypical looks and features of a Jew; lack of a foreskin, a larger nose, etc.
I suspect that man is a stratford.
I think he's a Jew, but he insists he is not, maybe he is a stratford.
by Real Wigger June 25, 2009
20 19
One of the worse places to live or visit in California.The real hell the devil doesnt even like to come here.It's full of the devils rejects which are drunks and wetbacks.Smells like shit year round and the only thing you can do about it is a Stratford line.There only good thing is the lack of law enforcement cuz der not wanted.And if you get out of line chances are some one is gonna tie there shoes in front of you and your gonna catch an uppercut from HELL.
man1:If u do that your gonna go to hell
man2:ah don't even trip I live in Stratford already.
by Goonie Mon$ter February 11, 2010
5 10
bumblefuck hicktown
Def. 1 Stratford is a pretty little town at least 45 minutes from anything useful. Here you can find the festival theatre, where we put on shakespearean plays and musicals - we're world renowned for it! You can also find - um - uh- let's see- we're the pork capital of ontario!
Def. 2 Hell for unique, interesting, non-drinking/punky teenagers.
Darling, let's visit scenic Stratford, which pretends to be cultured when it's really just another dying farm town!
by wherrthelions January 29, 2009
15 22
the place of no return due to 100% chance of getting stabbed.
someone got stabbed in stratford....AGAIN!
by niksan September 15, 2006
28 63