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A small town.
We have melonheads.. and they are real. Go to Roosevelt Forest and check them out.
2 high schools.
Biggest hang out = Club 711.
The BK lounge is a close second.
We drink beer.. but thats pretty much it.
We're good at some sports.
If you don't have a decent tan or aren't of a hispanic decent, get out.
Stratford girls are the hottest around, surrounding towns say there must be something in the water.
Short Beach is GORGEOUS.
We have a really good looking police force (i.e.- Officer Rivera).
If you have younger friends and no money for tuition, your poor ass gets Housatonic.
If you are a guidette princess or guido papi and cannot resist to escape the HoTt ClUbbZ in gun wavin new haven.. SCSU if right for you!
If you're feeling rebellious, and drinking at a dry campus gets you riled up, Eastern is a great option.
If you like long car rides, and a slightly diverse/redneck population, or simply are void of an identity, Western suits your fit.
If you fall into the top 10% percentile of your graduating class, you may either opt to get the fuck out of this state if you have a head on your shoulders, or stick to UCONN because, well.. they do have a good Spring Weekend.
In Stratford, every appears happy, cheerfuly and continuously smiling.. no one really knows if everyone is just stupid or drugged up on Xanax.
Girl from Shelton High: "Hey Lisa, where are you going to school next year? I'm going to University of Hawaii and then studying abroad in Taiwan."

Girl from Bunnell High (Stratford, CT): "I'm probably going to take a year off and go to Housatonic (House of Chronic). Southern is sooo overrated."
by Brucey Cotton Balls July 10, 2008
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