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1.) An electronic device which uses applied pressure and heat to straighten one's hair.

2.)By its name one may assume that this is a tool which will enhance the masculinity of homosexual males; ironically, however, its application makes you look gayer.
Example 1
Girl: I go to the tanning salon 4 days a week. I wear mac make up. And I use a straightening Iron on my bleached hair.

Other Girl: Cool. Now no one can tell that by nature you're not very attractive.

Example 2
Guy: I think I'm gonna cut my hair. It's too wavy to grow out.

Girl: Just use a straightening iron.

Guy: Sure, that sounds like a blast!
..........15 minutes later.........
Guy: Well, my hair looks straight, but I look much the opposite.
by Kawlyn1029 June 24, 2005

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