Straight Edge is basically a way of life that includes no drinking, no drugs, and so casual sex. Abbreviated SxE. It is not a religion or a gang. It is a choice that someone makes. However, not everyone who doesnt drink/do drugs/have casual sex is straight edge, and not all that say they are straight edge, are straight edge. People who are SxE might put black x's on their hands. yes, you can be friends with people who do these things. There are a few types of straight edge kids.

The true SxE kid - does not drink, does not have casual sex, and does not do drugs. Also, does not go around telling everyone he meets right away that he is SxE, when the time comes to bring it up, he does tell. Does not think himself better than others becasue he does not drink or do drungs or not have sex. Does not beat people up for smoking or drinking.

Asshole SxE kid - Abides by the 3 rules of SxE, but goes around thinking he is better than everyone, puts people down for it, and basically bugs the fuck out of people.

Scene/Fashioncore SxE Kid - Wears x's on his hands all the time, and wears a bandana around his mouth and nose all the time, usually has died black hair. Most of these kids are not actually SxE, hell, most of them dont even know the true meaning or SxE but say they are to get friends/be cool/fit in. They are the SxE trend kids, and give True SxE'rs a bad name. Becasue of these kids, most kids just think being SxE is wearing black x's and bandanas around your face.

Hardliner - Super SxE kids that usually are vegan, wont take drugs even for severe pain, drink caffeine, or do anything like that. There most defining trait ,however, is the fact that they beat the living shit out of people for smoking, drinking or doing drugs. They might see someone doing one of these things, not bothing them at all, get a bunch of their friends, and beat the shit out of one person with somewhere between 2-? people. These people sometimes kill the people they attack. They are the biggest threat to true SxE people. A lot of cops and other uninformed people, becasue of hardliners, believe SxE people to be a gang, and believe ever SxE kid will beat the shit out of someone smoking or drinking or something like that. They are hated by most SxE kids.
True Straight edge kid (when asked about drinking/drugs/sex) - "yeah, i dont do drugs, drink, or have casual sex. You do? ok, your choice man."

Asshole stright edge kid - Yeah im SxE and im fuckin better than you becasue of it, i dont poison myself and you do, your fuckin stupid as hell, i hate you all, go fucking burn yourself"

Scene/Fashioncore kid - (Wearing black x's on his hands and a black bandana over his face and his long died black hair) Yeah, Grr im SxE, im cool, wanna be my friend, im SxE, cmon im SxE you gotta like me, im cool." might also say that while drinking or smoking.

Hardliner (sees someone drinking or smoking, not bothering anyone, no one is in their range of 2nd hand smoke)
*goes and gets somewhere from usually 1 to 10 more hardliners then beats the hell out of the person drinking or smoking, some with brass knuckles or baseball bats* The beat up kid usually has to go to the hospital, and sometimes even dies
by xjustinxedgex June 24, 2006
A way of life commonly affiliated with the hardcore/punk scene. The early straight edge movement was supported by musicians such as Ted Nugent, Minor Threat, Uniform Choice, Cause for Alarm, etc.
Those that follow the straight edge lifestyle abstain from recreational drug use (straight edge extremists may not even use drugs for medicinal purposes), alcohol, and casual sex, therefore ensuring that they have a healthier, happier life. They are also strong-willed, smart, self-respecting people that prove that you don't need to mess yourself up to be happy.
Most straight edge people have complete disdain for hippies, stoners, smokers, alcoholics, and promiscuous people and see them for the weak-willed jack offs that they really are. Remember, ganja kills!!
A common straight edge sign would be: sXe. Straight edge people also may be seen crossing their arms across the front of their bodies with black X's drawn across the back of their fists.
Stoner: Hey, man, you wanna go toke up???
Straight Edge Person: No, you fucking moron. I wanna live.
by str8egdeanarchist92 February 04, 2008
Straight edge, sXe came out of the punk scene. Minor Threat wrote a song called Straight Edge, which entails no drinking, smoking or drugs. In another song called Out of Step, they elaborate and add on no permiscuous sex.

Quite a few sXe and HC kids are Vegan and Vegetarian also, "poison free".

The universal symbol for this musical movement is an X or XXX as well as XXX with two lines below it, as well as three sailing stars on the hand right by the thumb.

Music, hardcore, HC plays a large role in straightedge, sXe. There is more to sXe, straight edge than not drinking, smoking, doing drugs or having permiscuous is about music! And some would argue that permiscuous sex shouldn't be included.

Some kids have taken sXe further and are what is known as "Hardline."
I'm a person just like you
But I've got better things to do
Than sit around and fuck my head
Hang out with the living dead
Snort white shit up my nose
Pass out at the shows
I don't even think about speed
That's something I just don't need

I've got the straight edge

I'm a person just like you
But I've got better things to do
Than sit around and smoke dope
'Cause I know I can cope
Laugh at the thought of eating ludes
Laugh at the thought of sniffing glue
Always gonna keep in touch
Never want to use a crutch

I've got the straight edge
(i) don't smoke
don't drink
don't f**k
at least i can f**king think
i can't keep up
i can't keep up
i can't keep up
out of step with the world
by xcasxsanxdrax April 20, 2005
The rejection of:

4)Promiscus sex
I'm straight edge, but I don't wear the X on my hand that much.
by AutisticPsycho November 16, 2004
Straight Edge(sXe) is a choice not to do anything that pollutes the body or mind.

A sXe kid will not drink, smoke, do drugs, or have sex(unless in a committed relationship). Hardcore sXe-ers don't drink, smoke, do drugs, have sex until marriage, and are vegan. This all varries from person to person, but the "rules" generally are:

No Drinking
No Drugs
No Sex
Kid A: Hey you want a drink?
Kid B: No, I'm sXe.

No one night stands.
by Me August 30, 2004
a bunch of emo faggots who think they're better than everyone because they dont do drugs, obviously they dont know shit about addiction because they're such little butt pirates and they got daddy and mommys money because they never stopped sucking her titty, and they hate sex too, but thats just an exuse because they are either,

A) closet fags
B) to un-attractive to get any.
they have and always will be most hated by all other groups, people like preps better than those pussys.
i got anal sex but not vaginal, and i drank a non alcholic beer, i tryd beating up a stoner but got my ass kicked because im a cock mouth because im straight edge.
by BIGDICKIN69 June 03, 2010
Straight edge was invented by a song from the band Minor Threat in the early 80's. It was all started by one line in a 45 second song, I've got the straight edge. It was invented in Washington DC and was brought up to Boston by a guy named Al Bareal he invented hardline. Straight edge has three simple rules no drinking, no drugs, and no smoking. Hardline is much like straight edge but has more rules than just no drinking, no smoking, and no drugs. No caffine, have to be a vegetarian or vegan, no sex unless it's procreation, no imported chocolate, no porn, no masterbating are some of the other rules. There are two types of straight edge lifestyles the positive an the militant. Boston is known for it's militant type edge, Boston Beatdown. Straight Edge is a lifestyle not a label. It is a new generation. Here is the real history and def of straight edge.
There is no example either your straight edge or not
by xSLADEx February 09, 2010
someone who doesn't drink, smoke, or engage in promiscuous sex. you can have sex when you are straight edge if you are committed to that person.
fake straight edge:
random drunk girl: agh im so drunk,want to have sex?
fake edge kid: sure!

real straight edge:
random drunk girl: agh im so drunk, want to have sex?
edge kid: no, im straight edge.
by edge kid May 25, 2008
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