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1. A term sometimes used in place of "erection" or "boner"
2. Something you say when you need something really random in order to distract someone, often used to make a hasty escape.
*Mostly said in the rhythm of the Old Spice commercial in which Terry Crews says "Pa-pa-pa-pa-power!" (straight-up-gang-ster-penis!)
*Variations include down-right gangter penis, boomeranger gangster penis, and upsided perfect penis
1. Lukas: Ok so if Ben is 2 years younger than Isaiah, and Katie is 5 years older than twice Isaiah's age, and Thomas is currently 1/2 of Katie's age away from being an adult, how long will it be until Thomas is a teenager?
Me:... Well i'd have to say... as long as it takes for him to get a straight up gangster penis!

2.Some guy with a gun: AYO BITCH IMA SHOOT YOUR ASS!
Me: ....Straight up gangster penis!
Some guy with a gun: ...umm... LOLWUT!?
Me: *runs*
by Wazson8 November 07, 2010
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