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Heterosexuals confine themselves to a small portion of a town or city so that gays can have a nice time in the rest of the town.

A day marked by a parade that resembles a funeral procession.

A horrible experiment where straight people realize that there's no such thing as a "parade" without gay people.
Lisa: I'm going to the straight pride parade tomorrow. Are you coming?

Barbara: No. I'm going to take advantage of the absence of straight people by having a romantic picnic in the park with my girlfriend.

Joe: Hey, Greg, can you help us with the float for our straight pride parade?

Greg: No. I want to see if straight people can manage to put together a parade without the help of any gay people.
by Jules88 January 07, 2012
Slang for a wedding
I was at my brother's straight pride parade this weekend. He and Ashley finally tied the knot.
by Jareph October 09, 2011
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