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1) The art of being the person that everyone in the party notices, but no one at the party seems to know.

2) The girlfriend or boyfriend your friend has, but never divulges any concrete information about.

3) The person that is inherently a contradiction.
1) Guy 1: You man who's that slampiece milkin' the keg right now?

Doorman: No clue son. I've never seen her on campus,I don't even remember stampin' her. Leave her alone though, shes good for the party.

Guy 1: Straight Mystery...

2) Rabbit: Yo Coon what was does your girlfriend look like again?

The Coon: She's about 5'0" - 5'7". She's cute. She has nice hair, pretty eyes, good lips.

Rabbit: Straight Mystery...

3) Guy 1: Yo that Rob guy is a Straight Mystery bro. Like he's always at the party, he never comes to class, but he always gets the highest exam score.
by Swagstar69 April 21, 2011
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