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A heterosexual that is seduced by a homosexual of the same sex into having sexual relations with them.
Dude, that guy over there is total straight bait.
by Tony U, June 11, 2006
A heterosexual person who attracts the attention and affection of a homosexual person, maybe even acting homosexual at times, with no results.

Similar to jailbait but instead of being underage, they are straight.
Stephanie: Jessica is so sweet and so sexy and she's always hugging and spooning me, but there is no chance of anything ever happening between us because she's straight. She's total straight bait
by jambalayamaya November 16, 2009
a word used to describe a homosexual who appears and acts heterosexual, and attracts attention and advances from persons of the opposite sex.
example: Latin pop sensation Ricky Martin.
by Dawn Davenport October 25, 2004
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