A storm surge is when a concept is so stupid it actually baffles the intelligent due to its egregious stupidity.
She said that evolution is bogus because monkeys don't grow up to be people. Total storm surge.
by CriminallyVu1gar May 29, 2009
Top Definition
A sexual perversion involving 3 bears jerking off while a 4th man, a twink, releases his diarrhea on them at the moment of ejaculation.
Man, I've been having a hard time getting off lately. We should get together for a Storm Surge.
by mcluva December 18, 2011
The mysterious effect that clumps most births to 9 months after a major snowstorm. Experts predict that a cold night without electricity incites cuddling in bed, coupled with the subsequent romance and inability to purchase condoms from the store on such nights.
"John, we'll have to schedule an extra doctor next week, we're expecting a storm surge from White Juan!"
by WordSubmitter December 27, 2007

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