A female reproductive organ. Current where-abouts of this organ is currently unknown. It is thought to be somewhere around the vagina area.

Other spellings:
I just got kicked in the stooch by some guy!!!
by Menagan February 03, 2007
Top Definition
A slang use to descibe someone who acts up tight, anti-social, like their better than everyone else.
I asked her to come party with us but she was acting stooch.
by Stoochy Penny March 08, 2009
The term stooch defines someone who is an epic fail. Someone who is just a waste of space and air. Close but a little bit worse then your average idiot and just past a drongo.
You're a fucking stooch

You're standing over there like a stooch

Look at that stooch

Look at this fucking stooch

Where you going ya stooch

Jesus christ you fucking stooch

(The word usually goes better after the word fucking)
by DamAAG September 09, 2013
endurance, the strength to gut it out

Used to be a common word, I thought, when we were in New York City. But these days I can't find a soul (even on the Internet) who knows it....
It took her six years and I didn't think she had the stooch to finish - but she finally graduated from law school.
by Gorgeous George June 22, 2004
A person that keeps talking constantly and can't stop.
Dude stop being a stooch, you really need to shut the fuck up.
This stooch cannot stop talking, oh my god!
by theurbankingofdefinitions June 23, 2014
the meaning of cooch.. but a stinky one......
dam dem street walkers got some stooch
by stoochy wally October 24, 2008
the combination of two words stanky and hooch respectively, to form one word describing unkempt Midwestern women
Hey Erik, how 'bout we head to Eureka, MO to check out the local stooch?
by daassgrabba January 22, 2004
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