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n. a word created by a person or persons under the influence of marijuana.
him: And then ozone was all, y'know--
her: He was all what *SNARK*
him: --he was all, y'know, sixbibblin' on his shirt--
her: sixbibble, what the hell does that mean?
him: it's a stonerism, jb made it up.
her: who's jb?
him: the dude who made up sixbibble, duh.
by f. chong rutherford March 12, 2004
17 3
The religion of stonerism; the belief that marijuana cures most physical ailments, the belief that the world would be a better place if everyone freely smoked weed; Stoners often believe marijuana is safter and a better high than alcohol.
practices include: smoking pot daily, frequently smoking out friends, occasionally smoking out strangers, wake-and-bake, temporarily doubting the wonders of weed before a sesh, moderate to obsessive praise of weed while or soon after getting high, the dillema between packing another bowl and getting up to ash the piece.
Non-smoking practices (edibles or a vaporizer) are usually combined with smoking practices in Stonerism unless a temporary physical ailment makes it impossible or hazardous to participate in the act of smoking.

See: Stoner- a person practicing Stonerism
Special Abilities of Stoners:
good functionality under the influence of marijuana, fluid thinking, the ability to understand concepts by a leap of logic or mild hallucinations, the rare/occasional and surprising ability to word a sentence elloquently while stoned.
Approximately 2% of the population practice Stonerism, almost the same percentage of the gay population (2.5-3%).
by Meredith A. February 02, 2010
16 1
An idea that seems wonderful while under the influence of marijuana, but seems horrible when not under the influence.
My brother phoned me while he was under the influence...

"I have a great idea. I want to get a pinball machine. I want to turn it into a pinbong machine."

"Wow, that's quite the stonerism you got there."
by Newport1984 June 01, 2009
4 1
The act of constantly being under the influence of marijuana.
Man, this guy I know totally suffers from stonerism.
by James January 11, 2004
7 4
someone who is constantly miswording thing and forgetting everything
dude i totally forgot we had......what were we talking about dude you just suffered from stonerism
by steven uribes March 06, 2009
2 1