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A sandwich of sorts of anything in front of you put on it while your high.
Tostitos Cheese Dip, Doritos Cool Ranch, and Lays BBQ Chips are a great mix for a stoner sandwich.
by J. Doe December 12, 2006
23 6
Squatting in front of your refrigerator at one in the morning, jamming lunch meats and cheeses into your pie hole, sans bread, after copious hits of the kind.
"Last night, I scarffed a stoner sandwich while watching Family Guy."
by hazmatmonkey February 08, 2008
15 4
A sandwich created by the desperation and creativity of Stoner munchies, not necessarily requiring any traditional sandwich makings which is made by combining anything at hand in between two pieces of a bready outer layer.
Taco Bell/Dominos Stoner Sandwich: Crushed Doritos and hot sauce in a $2 Chicken Burrito between two slices of pizza, preferably with two toppings.

Friend: Dude, what is that?
Stoner: I call it the Chicken Burrito Pizza Sandwich.
by Horatio Goodit July 31, 2010
14 4
Peanut Butter and egg sandwich
one day, two stoners, one of which wanted peanut butter, the other wanting eggs, decided to come together to make a peanut butter and egg sandwich, the ultimate stoner sandwich
by Tim5555555 December 23, 2007
3 10