When one is killed as a form of capital punishment where a group throws stones at a person until death ensues.
Man 1: Yo I got so high last night and fucked this bitch last night...
Man 2: What! Adultery!?! Stone him!
(Crowd proceeds to pick up rocks and throw them at Man 1 until Man 1 is completely stoned to death.)
by Abraham101 March 20, 2013
All 72 of the other definitions do apply by circumbstance or situation of using various drugs including marijuana, alcohol, any one of the illegal drugs including amphetimines, LSD, cocaine, crack or what ever drug is popular with an age group but at the same time used to define your own state of mind do to all the causes above but can include extreme exhaustion. However some people maybe 'stoned' by those definitions but otherwise act normal.
I am so stoned it was gospel", "I was stoned silly but no one could tell", "Used eyedrops to hide the redness but no one could tell i was stoned
by Urban Sage June 25, 2011
is when the body refuses to listen to the brain. Confusion ensues.
is what I am when I lose my train-of-thought mid sentence and then we play the " Reverse Psychologist , see you don't remember either " game. They usually remember within 2-20 minutes. If we eventually forget about it, it will jump into my head up to 48 hrs later and I will continue right on with my, uh, uh. What were we talkin about ???
Sorry, stoned....
by dman5 November 20, 2009
Being stoned is a term overused and misunderstood in the smoking (bud)
community. Being stoned is not a difficult task, but it cost about 40
dollars(around here things are expensive) and a nice hitting glass bong.Pack
this bowl pretty good. I personally have only been stoned once, but it was so
that I wanted to write a definition. Anyway, being stoned feels like you have
everything in your body weighted down by stones. (so stoned)Its incredibly
pleasurable just sit and stare blankly into space. You can hear people talking
in the background but its just a distant hum. Food tastes absolutely fantastic.
Moving, even though it is hard, feels so incredibly amazing. I was talking to my

friend, and was at the point of slight room-changing. I kept on imagining my
friend was George Bush. That was odd. At it was a little like teletubbies land
but then i would refocus my eyes and it would become real again. And i was so
stoned that I didn't realize that the tv show i was watching was in Spanish. I
took about 7 big bong rips out of my friends 3 footer. I was rendered pretty
useless, so I wouldn't recommend getting stoned and then driving.

So go out there, go get stoned, and respect the good green herb :)
I have only been stoned once, but it was way better than being high.

Derek and I got stoned off his bong and three grams of weed.

Stoned Can also mean to get rocks thrown at you by rioting villagers, but that
is way to violent for a stoner.
by CaliStoner420 February 18, 2009
Being the happiest you could ever imagen. Having not a care in the world. When you cannot beleive how damn hungry you really are. Laughing about things that when your in the normal state of mind you would never laugh at.
Duuuude, I was so fucking stoned, I had the munchies like a bitch
by DanlyHoSeper July 26, 2008
the feeling one gets after smoking the marijuanapots; usually involving hunger, happiness, and occasional redeye
he was probably off getting stoned on those reefers
by bakedlobster September 08, 2010
The state of being repeatedly hit in the head or any other place on your body with stones. The state of being "stoned" is usually a result of a "stoning". Getting stoned SUCKS, and hurts like a bitch.
Charles: Dude what happened!? You have bruises and cuts everywhere!
White Supremacist: Yeah man, I was in front of the NCAAP doing some chants and.... well lets just say i got stoned.
Charles: Weird...
by SealingPhan April 18, 2009

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