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the state i'm in at the moment. i'm almost positive it has different definitions for everyone, because everyone experiences a high differently. for me, i start thinking about ways to solve all the worlds problems or say something and laugh and then forget what i was laughing about. in this state, music sounds amplified and you feel like you're "in it". i find myself unable to not move to the music. but thats just me. everything becomes exponentially funnier. sometimes, you even hallucinate at this stage and see mickey mouse like i have. your limbs feel really heavy like rocks, hence the name "stoned" basically, the only way for you to really understand the definition is to get to this state yourself. so toke up !
"OH MY GOD LISTEN TO THIS" what ? "oh.. i forgot. i had a plan to save the seagulls but i forgot cus i'm stoned."
by brendabong November 01, 2009
What happens to you after smoking some killer Dro (mostly Indica strain) or large quantities of Reggie which lead you to being like a stone, and what do stones do? Nothing, they stay in one place motionless. When this occurs to you after smoking Marijuana you are stoned my friends! Stay high
by OGKilluh13 September 09, 2013
the state achieved by smoking enough weed to believe you have awesum ninja powers (can run up walls)find everything is funnier than adam sandler x eddie murphy and is useful for talking to chicks cuz u actually care about wat the dumb hoe is saying
i got so stoned then went to school woke up the changing rooms at 5 in the afternoon and had 3 detentions which i dont know what for
by k0o47 February 27, 2008
1. To be extreamly high(the fun kind)
2. To get thrown rocks at for a crime, not common anymore besides to assholes
1.Me:Yo man im soo stoned. Is that a unicorn or a dragon? *hug air*
Johnny: what the fuck are you doing?
Me: I dont know im stoned remember?!
Johnny:Hell yeah!

2. Priest fag guy: You will be punished for your wrong doings!!!
Me: No i dont wanna be stoned you asshole!!!
by Retartedman328 January 04, 2009
A degree of intoxication from pot. Enough to change normal thought processes. Normally implys absent mindedness, and stupidity.
Yeah, I think that I'm stoned.
by Jakeisuseless February 25, 2005
So fucked up it's funny.
laying down and passing out in the middle of a school dance...
by Rachel January 17, 2004
When one is killed as a form of capital punishment where a group throws stones at a person until death ensues.
Man 1: Yo I got so high last night and fucked this bitch last night...
Man 2: What! Adultery!?! Stone him!
(Crowd proceeds to pick up rocks and throw them at Man 1 until Man 1 is completely stoned to death.)
by Abraham101 March 20, 2013