1. The highest form of "spacing out" known to man, normally comes after smoking enough marijuana.

2. The third part in a three part cycle during the smoking of marijuana/pot (buzzed, high, stoned). Generally the weirdest point, where even the lines dividing lanes on the road can become the most interesting thing you've ever seen. Also that can be included as side effects random laughing, munchies, and just overall spaced out.

1. I was so stoned that I just stared at the T.V. for 3 hours straight not realizing what the fuck was going on around me.

2. "Yo, Tim did you get stoned man?"

"Hellz yeah, I couldn't help but stare at your family portrait for two hours while just sporadically laughing my ass off. Damn that picture must have a spell on it or some shit."

3. "So like I was saying, wait, what was I saying?"
by RAWR...Lolz April 13, 2009
the point past high were some may feel unconfortable but others (like me) like to be. being high is cool but being stoned is fuckin great
i got stoned before the football game and durring and after. our team lost but i was to stoned to watch it.
afterwords i went to a party and got stoned again stayed high all night stoned alot and passed out after coming home and finishing the icecream. (btw im high now)

by Weedman and Zig Zag September 28, 2007
Extremely high off indica weed. Indica has muscle relaxers and natural pain killers which gives you a major body high, when you have a major body high you feel like your numb, heavy, relaxed, calm, and/or tired. When your indica high(say you smoked some purple kush) you will be sitting on the couch heavy as a stone(hence the "stone" in stoned), also it can blur your vision and give extreme euphoric feelings and elevated thinking.
If you are high on sativa weed it wouldn't be a stoned type of high it would be more head high, head highs are more about thoughts then feelings in your body. The euphoric aspect of sativa is a lot less intense than indica. The feelings of sativa are upper related, sensitive touches feel great, you feel light as a feather(hence the word high, meaning people feel like they are floating), hyped, energetic, and/or awake.
1.Ay Cuhz I'm stoned as fuc!
2.Dude! Wow! I'm so stoned i cant get off the couch man!
3.Orale, I homez i need to get stoned.
by CeeCrazzy July 13, 2009
the point where u laugh so much that your sides hurt. then you and everone your with spaces out for a half hour before going to get food.
we were so stoned last night that we went to the drive through and spent 25 dollars on the dollar menu
by manprin March 23, 2006
Where you think all the stoners are trying to mass communicate through urban dictionary. And you're meant to be reading this now because you are stoned. You'll know what it means. And you're stuck trying to make a decision andyouforgot what you just wrote. So the decision is to go to sleep even though you know there's something profound here. Everything must be urgently.....forgot.
Im stoned now, so I'm pretty sure im stuck here. In this reality.
by Furbed March 18, 2015
The ultimate state of mind. After hits of the finest ganja this state comes on. You feel like your in the same world but everything is funny, round and movie like. You might get a bit panicky and walk around trying to be sober but your just fucking gone! Licking your lips makes you feel like an old man and time is slow as hell. You make the best quotes in the world and you feel everything is about now. If you get really stoned you may feel like your house/town is the biggest place in the world, everything is oing on now. You feel like your watchin yaself
Mate 1: maaatteee i think ive missed something important
Mate 2: your college interview
Mate 1: what?
Mate:2: ahaha stoned!
Mate 1:my bus is gone!
by BombayBonghits October 09, 2010
whereafter smoking marijuana your senses are distorted in a unique way. Colours, sounds and tastes become significantly more engaging. Being stoned may also lead to increased creativity, or erratic behaviour. Negative effects may include: Red eyes, decreased motivation, coordination, and/or an inhability to form comprehendable sentances. However effects vary increasingly according to form/strain of marijuana used.
I was so stoned the other night i couldnt even chew my own finger.
by Corporal_Clegg December 08, 2009

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