A state of enlightenment achieved by inhaling the green air of happiness.
"Dude I feel like a penguin... OH MY GOD DUDE I AM A PENGUIN!"

I am so stoned I just singed my hair with the lighter. I will have to wear a hat tomorrow.
by elf4545 February 01, 2008
the best feeling ever after smoking pot.
Im pretty stoned at the moment.
by cassie pearson November 30, 2003
the ultimate state of mind when u realize the world is out to get you, ur walkin all over ur house lookin for sum food, stare off into space thinkin a dragon just ate ur friend, found a dollar on the floor n screamed like crazy cuz u think ur a millionaire, think chocolate milk is like an orgy in ur mouth, start talkin in a british accent, sometimes u dont even realize ur talkin at all, u rant to ur friends bout how an orange is the mort complex thing in the world, u wanna lie down just for a sec n end up fallin asleep but wake up with the words "sex hole" on your face with an arrow pointed to ur mouth...

good times
"if the world is out to get you, just lie bak n light up a blunt"

"lifes a dud, smoke sum bud" -my homies words-

"i wanna make marry jane my wife" -evry1s words-

"live life to the fullest, just get stoned"

"im gonna wake n bake"
by smokedaplant April 17, 2010
An exit from everyday living.
I was stoned the entire day and learned a lot about myself.
by kate11 February 28, 2009
if somebody has smoked weed and for example laughs about his fingernails....as i do.....
oh my god im so stoned that im writing these stupid definitions at this funny website on this funny thing...hmmm...yeah......internet.....
by karl moik April 28, 2004
You feel like you’re in a dream, like nothing bad can happen. Imagine you are as happy as Alice in Wonderland. You are also very hungry, and will want to enjoy the “Munchies”. You also look like a chink and your eyes might be red. Haha. You will get tired, but its ok cause sleep feals really good. You might think video games are hella fun but you just cant seem to keep up with the person, and do bad, it like you are trying to win a big race. Music sounds hella good. Songs by The Beatles (like I Want You (She’s So Heavy)). And Bob Marley is hella good and trippy songs. Its pretty much the most wonderful feeling in the world.
Lets go get stoned
by meglra March 15, 2009
just get a gravity bong (you wont cough, dont worry you beginers) and take 5 fat hits right after another. you will KNOW what "stoned" is.
breathe in the air, hold it in like youre holding your breath, and keep it like that until your brain starts feeling funny, you are now stoned
by rob June 27, 2003

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