A mind state in which you believe to be a inventor, philosopher, genius, or possibly all. Caused when you have smoked to much weed.

A sure sign of being stoned is when you come up with ideas like an automatic basketball or you decide you can fly and Jesus was a robot.
Person 1: You know i was thinking that maybe if i inhaled enough helium i could fly. I also thought that if Jesus were a robot it would explain why he was so smart and could do all that kick ass shit.
Person 2:....
Person 1: I blew your mind didn't I
Person 3: Dude your talking to a pumpkin
Pumpkin: You are way to stoned
by Jitts November 13, 2009
the state of having Rocked the Ganj
Fuck that shit Im to god damned stoned to steal a stopsign
by The Western Wind February 21, 2003
After having smoked so much weed, that you giggle for a while, and then eat a lot and then went to bed.
where were you while we were getting high?
by alex December 05, 2003
the feeling which accompanies large consumption of cannabis. 'Stoned' refers to the body high that comes from it which honestly feels like you have a couple tons of stones laying on top of oneself; thusly, one is unable to get up off the couch.
Friend-'What the FUCK are we watching!!!' Me- 'I have no clue but i'm just too STONED to get up for the remote'
by hank the dank January 25, 2009
a state where a person wants 2 piss but doesnt have the courage to get up from the floor.
i got stoned after a blunt n wsnt able to get up for an hour.
by babanash June 27, 2006
The state of total nirvana.
feeling completely on top of the world.
when you cant think right. forget things in 4 minutes. super hungry. laughing at everything. talking in a weird voice.
Person- man im so stoned. ON FUCK WHERE ARE MY HANDS?

Person- What the meanings of toenails, man?
Person #2- Dude you are stoned.
by Probation Kills July 16, 2008
The overwhelming feeling of despair when trying to memorize rocks and minerals for a Geology exam.
Danny: Dude I got so stoned while studying for our Geology final.
Zach: I know man, me to, hopefully Big B's test won't be too hard
by JZFairfield December 06, 2011
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