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N: see high. the state of being one is in after smoking marijuana. generally characterized by hunger, bad short term memory and spacing out, in addition to feelings of elation, hysteria and laziness. overall, a very good feeling.
man, i went to work so stoned yesterday.
by mells February 15, 2005
107 51
The state of mind in which an individual's Mind bonds with the chemical THC, usually by smoking Marijuana Buds, and sometimes eaten. In effect causing Euphiora,Hunger,Paranoia,Short-Term memory loss and thinking everything is funny
Yo, im so fucking stoned that the cat just told me a secret
by Samer Slim November 13, 2005
75 24
when one's smoked enouug marijuana so that he/she doesn't care what others are talking about. user is his own world where everything others talk seems funny.
"I was so fuckin stoned that i din't care what shit others were talkin"..
by abackle November 15, 2006
66 22
The stage of smoked up between high and ripped.
'I'm a fuckin airplane, man, I can see the trees below me' is usually uttered between periods of staring at houseplants and making brnyard noises.
by Justin October 14, 2003
87 47
under the influence of marijuana, in a zone where every looks good, tastes good, and when you just feel happy about everything.
"last night i was so stoned but i was still so happy about life its self?
by Angi Childs January 18, 2004
56 19
The sate in which oneself has done too much mary jane and is no longer completely aware of what is hapening. Also will make you sleepy and lazy.
"Doing things is over rated. Hitler did a lot of things but dont we all wish he would have stayed home and gotton stoned?
by ultrabeast November 09, 2003
53 24
Expanding the mind, your world, and lungs full of beautiful herb until you feel that wonderful feeling of sAtiSfAcTiOn, zZzZzZzZz, MAY YOUR THOUGHTS BE FILLED WITH PEACEFUL THOUGHTS, ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz
(its 4 in the morning)
"ok,....goodnight computer"
" so very stoned, goodnight computer"
by Hippielover October 16, 2006
42 14