when you're so high that you almost feel unable to move your muscles. everything feels weird and you kind of just sit back with your mouth agape staring off into space and enjoying it. contrary to popular belief, "stoned" and "high" are different in that, the word "stoned" originated from the idea that you feel like you're being weighed down by big heavy stones.
"I'm so stoned I feel like I'm floating dude"

"dude! I can't move my legs. woaaaaaaaaaaa I'm stoned"

"HAHAHAHAAAAA I'm moving up in the world. I used to just be a pothead. now that I'm stoned I'm a stoner with a boner."
by pot expert March 01, 2006
The art of dying by geology.
After a heavy night of drinking and careless sex, my parents found out the following day; so I got stoned.
by Maldonado June 21, 2005
The very slow, yet rapid course of time in which you may find yourself reading and creating these definitions for words that quite simply seem to be the most hilarious thing you've seen in a recent while. (The word "egg" for example, let it sink in if you are high at the moment)

Contrary to popular belief, you will not be "raiding" the kitchen, and refrigerator, rather, you will likely see a Quiznos commercial which will either A) Remind you of the cold cuts you have in your refrigerator and proceed to make yourself 5 sandwiches, as you will not be able to tell when you're "full", or B) you will immediately rush to the nearest Taco Bell, because at one point you will forget why you got in the car, at which point a Taco Bell will present itself along any major highway.

You will be less likely to go to the movie theater, as instead your first person experiences will be as if you are viewing yourself through a television set, so watching movies will only cause you to lose control of yourself, as you will be uncertain of whether you're watching a movie, or whether you're watching a movie of a person watching a movie. (That person, being you)

You will giggle when I remind you of the word "egg", and that will cause you to go onto some intellectual brainstorm about things completely unrelated to eggs, such as poison dart frogs, discovery channel's Deadliest Catch, or how you managed to read all of this definition.
Guy 1 : Dude, have you ever wondered about how the universe will end one day?

Guy 2 : Hell yes I'll go for some pizza.

*A frequent conversation between stoned guys*
by okmijnuhbygvtfcrdxesz July 04, 2009
*way past high!!
*being stoned after intoxication of high quality (H.Q.)marijuana is a state of mind where...
-time skips,
-laughing is impossible to resist,
-evrything is like a dream,
-you get big time munchies,
-usually be paranoid that your porch lights are cops,
-everything is an amazing expieience,
-riddles and math confuse the hell out of you,
-first timers expierience the fear of being stoned forevr,
-but remember just enjoy it bcause i will soon end.
alex was so stoned that he layed down and cryed
by qtiptt April 30, 2007
The effect you get after smoking marijuana. When you are stoned , or high as some people call it, you might feel really relaxed, laugh more than you usually do, have a greater appreciation of music, have a better sense of your senses(taste, smell, sight, ECT...), but the effects are different for everyone. Sometimes when you're stoned your eyes will get bloodshot, but this usually only common with inexperienced users. Some people say that if you smoke more marijuana you get higher, but others say they just stay the same level of high no matter how much they smoke, this is an example of it effecting everyone different. When you're stoned you usually get the munchies.This is one of the reasons marijuana is legally given to people.Since you're usually more relaxed stoned you might get extremely sleepy, but usually there is a sudden awakeness after smoking. This is another reason is it is given to people with insomnia or other sleeping disorders. You usually get paranoid while stoned, but some people don't though.
I want to get stoned.
by Justin P. B. April 26, 2006
when you go on urban dictionary at 2:09 in the morning after smoking like 10 bowls of really good weed and eating 3 bags of doritos.
Dude, Im really stoned and i just ate 3 bags of doritos
by highbastard1 October 05, 2008
The smoking of canabis in high quantitys will get you stoned/high. If too much is taken user may "whitey" in which they turn pale and throw up. Bongs are used in getting one "stoned" in some parts. These can get these users on a "fucked up high". I am using a Killa Bong at the moment =P
When you're so stoned you sit on websites that you found by typing "im so fucking stoned" into google, and then feeling your head go tingly whilst listening to "trippy shit" by "Infected Mushroom". He or she may then have a shower and then fall asleep in an odd position whilst watching wierd late night telly.
by Christian Graham January 12, 2006

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