A slang definition of the state of intoxication achived by the consumtion of the narcotic "Cannabis" (THC)
"I stayed up all night smoking dope, i got well stoned"
by Mush-beer July 25, 2003
The 3rd stage of being high (the 1st buzzed, 2nd high).
Reaching a level of being stoned, is usually achieved after smoking a good amount of weed. example, a few bowl packs, a blunt, a few joints, or a few bong packs. Easily the best feeling in the world.
I was so stoned last night, i smoke a blunt and 3 bowl packs!

-Lets get stoned
-but we only have one bowl pack
-its cool i have a bag
by KFRESHHH July 27, 2009
when smoked it 2 times the gravity newton .
get the fuck out of my porch
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
Something Whitey has been doing a lot lately
I'm a bad boy! Therefore I'll get stoned
by ilovefeet August 04, 2003
being under the influence of any drug
dude im so stoned, i cant even walk
by stoner March 19, 2005
brain scramble
oh my god im STONED!!!!!!!!!!
by Karl Jackson September 16, 2003
wen ur so high ur mor than fukt up
"dooooooood im so fukt up"
"no man ur stoned bitch"
by capron April 09, 2004
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