People who are sociable, warm, sporty, imaginative and giving...

Sociable (like to meet in groups to set fire to cars), warm (always standing next to lit cars), sporty (when running away from lit cars), imaginative (when explaining to police that it is just a coincidence that they are running away from a flaming car) and giving (will give you a smack if you tell the police why they were running a way from the burning car).
Look a gathering of Stokies, where did I leave my car?
by Chesh February 02, 2004
Top Definition
Aggresive youths abiding in the city of Stoke-on-Trent. Typically drinking cider, shouting at cars and stealing signposts, these hooligans like nothing better than to harass passers-by, policemen and inanimate objects.

Stokies are merely a more advanced version of your common Chav, having learnt new ways to steal, vandalise and walk foolishly.

The Stokie should be avoided at all cost, they attack without warning and are particularly persistant at catching their quarry should it choose to turn tail and flee.
Paul: "Uh oh, a group of Stokies."
Mark: "Stay still, their vision is based on movement!"
by Not a Stokie October 22, 2006
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