cool, an word expressing approval, deriving from the word "stoked"
Me: so how was the concert the other night?
Megan: oh it was sweet man..
Me: stokey!
by Kelly September 04, 2003
Top Definition
A true hero.

Someone who does incredible things.
He's such a Stokey, saving those kittens from the house fire.
by Mystiqueela June 30, 2006
sweet, awesome, narly, mondo, rad
I met these boys in florida, they were totally stokey.
by megan October 20, 2003
The current state of being stoked when accomplishing an awesome or unreal task.
Dude! I just kicked your ass at beer pong. That is so stokey!
by thisiscoryhart August 22, 2012
- Can be a pin or a long thin object to clean out pipes, bongs, buckets etc...

"Yo pass me the stokey my bongs blocked"
by dozza101 December 24, 2009
rough, negative term for an individual or group, referring to those from the english town (claims to be a city) of Stoke-On-Trent.

usually used to refer to those who are rough and hostile to non-locals.
That Pub is full of Stokeys,

or that is a stokey shop, i wouldn't go there!
by redskull December 16, 2004
a group of "white" individuals who wear quicksilver apparel and are commonly seen being totally "EXTREME"
"Dude, check out those stokeys, they all have a Billabong hat on"
by Stokey February 24, 2005
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