Grand Rapids, MI metal/ hard rock band. They like to party and put on one hell of a show.
Aint no party like a Stockton party.

Stockton parties more than the amount of coke your parents did in the 80's.

Stockton? The city? No the BAMFS from the 616.
by THEKG5000 August 24, 2010
The baddest city outside the Bay. Fuck the rest, if you can roll in Stockton, then you belong here. The place where everyone's getting high and causing a scene. Highest National Violent Crime Rate in the NATION? REP IT! We run The Valley, fuck we're taking over the West Coast (THE BEST COAST)cuddie! So don't mess with our shit becuse we can blow your mind in a weak ass amount of time. We don't mess around here in the 209!

"Hey where you from?"

"Stockton bitch!

"Ooohhh, my bad.
by Amii Rajk July 10, 2008
shortened form of the richard stockton college of new jersey
hey, im majoring physics at stockton
by AnthonyMC May 18, 2007
The largest town in the San Joaquin County of California. In the southside, near Charter Way, there are thuggish people and loads of Mexican restaurant. Loads of crime. People see one of the two malls, Weberstown Mall, as the border between North and South Stockton. There's a small community of rich people, who live in Brookside and think they're some big shit. The really wealthy people like A.G. Spanos live by Lincoln Square, though, and Morada, a little wannabe town with huge houses. There are loads of boring ass suburbs in Stockton, too, but crime makes it exciting. Every year there are Asparagus Festivals, which suck, but they're worth going to. They have Asparagus Margaritas. There's nothing worthwhile to do in Stockton, for teenagers like myself, and we mostly head over to the Bay Area or to neighboring town, Lodi, for fun. Lots of racism between the whites and the minority races. Stockton has a crappyass baseball team, the Ports. Stockton also books bad concerts, like Neil Diamond (which was a disaster). Stockton thinks it's cool enough to have a Sheraton, which is a total lie. It has a highschool, St. Mary's, which is full of rich white kids that think they're better than anyone else. But other than all those things, it's a pretty rad town with practically none other social groups other than the gangsters and the cholos, and preps. No scene kids, or anything like that.
girl 1; "ugh. I hate Stockton. Let's head over to the Lodi theatres"

girl 2; "seriously, let's roll."
by stocktonscenekid March 23, 2008
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