Short shorts that were popular a long time ago. John Stockton, former point guard of the Utah Jazz, is the only person who refused to stop wearing them. While we make think they look ridiculous, he does have the tannest upper thigh of any nba player in history. At one point in the latw 80s, he was the sexiest man alive. Women wanted him, men wanted to be him. But now, despite his multiple nba all time records, his name has become a synonym for short shorts and homosexuals who wear them. This led John to kill himself. Or at least it should
"Yo, look at that nillas stocktons, make fun of his punk ass"
"I can dog, hes my boss"

"Nice stocktons, but I can see your balls"

"John Stockton called, he wants his shorts back"
by T-Money March 31, 2004
Shorts modeled by Utah Jazz guard John Stockton, the NBA's all-time assist leader, in which your balls basically hang down further than your shorts. Usually at least 15 inches above the knee.
Yo, did you see the Stocktons Double-D was frontin on Saturday, man that nillas whack.
by B- Didy March 31, 2004
To help another in time of need. (An assist). Derived from famous Utah Jazz guard John Stockton-all time leader in assists.
When I realized I was out of toilet paper I yelled for a Stockton!

I had my friend give me a Stockton when I couldn't reach my beer on the other side of the table.
by Kate, Joe, and Kyle October 18, 2007
A tiny, itty, bitty town in Southwestern Missouri. Often mistaken for Stockton, California. No stoplights. One grocery store. An average graduating class of 80 or less. Basically, where old people go to die. Oh, it has black walnuts, and a lake.
Carrie: Hey, where are you guys from?
Carrie: California?
Abi:No. Uh, Missouri.
by Big City Dreams December 22, 2011
the baddest ass city in california
we will blow your mind in seconds. cool people from scene to gangsta! if you live on the south side THATS WHERE ITS AT! north you got the mall south you got the movie theater
damn its awesome.

we have the coolest black people
ghettoest white people
smartest asians
sexiest mexicans

we all watch things like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom 2
we like to dance and have fun

aint no party like a stockton party!
Scene girl 1: Damn where we headed?
Scene guy 1: Oh yeah *puts on his coolest shoes
Gangsta guy: Oh yeah scene kids lets roll muthafuckas
IN THEE sexy 209
by SceneBettyWhitex March 07, 2011
A scary city in the Valley which says it isn't from the Bay Area. But, they don't know the Bay Area wants nothing to do with it...
Stocktonian: Stockton isn't the bay, so get over it.
Bay Area resident: Good. We don't want you either.
by Snickety February 04, 2011
Shitty city in California. South side is full of gang bangers and homeless drug addicts. East side has all the white trash and the mexican immigrants, and the west and the north side have the only decent people in the whole city who actually are doing something with there lives.
Stockton is a ying yang town. It has some of the worst people you will ever meet, but it also has some of the greatest people you will ever meet so don't judge!
by Lovelyme September 07, 2008

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