To put one's anus directly adjacent to the anus of another and then defecate, achieving penetration with the stool.
My date was passed out and i had eaten a whole box of cereal, so i gave her the ol' stock exchange.
by the bingo August 04, 2008
Top Definition
A variation of the "Eiffel Tower". This move requires two males and one female. The males shall be dressed in business suits. Unlike the Eiffel tower, instead of high fiving, you will shake hands and look each other in the eyes in agreement. Upon completion of the Stock Exchange the males will check their watches as if late for a meeting and leave while the female is left to clean up the "paperwork".
Mr. Steve and Mr. Bob walk into a room. Ms. Jenny was bent over a chair. Mr. Steve and Mr. Bob unzip their slacks and insert their penis' into the respective holes on Ms. Jenny which were agreed upon previously. When both gentlemen are inside, they shake hands until they have completed the transaction of dumping semen into Ms. Jenny. Stock Exchange complete!
by bobstevendoastockexchange September 25, 2013

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