An adjective used to describe any situation that is undescribable. It has both positive and negative connotations, dependant upon the context in which it is used.
1. I didn't know what else to say on double jeapordy, so I said "stizo"

2. How was your mom last night?
- Stizo.
by Truckin May 01, 2003
Top Definition
High-quality, extremely potent cannabis (aka, marijuana).
I just picked up an eighth of that stizo.

Hit this stizo, and you'll go to the moon.
by Dee-Threepio June 27, 2013
style; the way one presents him or herself to others.
John: "let's go hunt random skeeze at the bars"
Patrick: "maan you know that aint my stizo, i like 'em classy"
by no1stunna October 26, 2009
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