A store in Canada with fashionable clothing, that isn't overly priced like Ambercrombie and Fitch. Common for teenagers.
Person 1: Wow, I love your clothes! How much did they cost?
Person 2: All together 50$
Person 1: That's how much my top cost! Where did you buy those?
Person 2: Stitches
by Allison4321 November 22, 2009
A combined word for stupid bitches
Oo man, look at all these stitches that just got here; let's bounce.
by Anthony and Stritt May 13, 2005
(adj)- a word and/or nickname to describe someone who will get you high, hooked on songs, in lots of trouble and cause your grades to plummet but continues to form a close bond with everyone. They walk around with Sony Ericcson phones and iPods.

They are obsessed with mental hospital trips and Kelly Moore paints. The only people in the world who can tell you to meet them at Best Buy at 12 noon and show up at 12 midnight but you'll be the one apologizing.

They love weed, swimming and getting other people hurt, they tend to come off as selfish but actually do have hearts of gold.
S: Let's go everyone, fucking let's swim.
B: He's not even out of the house yet!
S: Stitches, blood, for real, your the only one that wanted to go swimming so fucking swim!
by Brittney Sade July 16, 2008
An extremely adorable female with bitchin' hair, who often picks her nose in public and gets away with it. Usually can be seen killing bitches and supermanning some hoes. She will pop a cap in the ass of many bitches. Also lives off of french fries and orange juice. Can also digest french whores.
Stitches is one bitchin' chick, yo.
by Carlitches January 24, 2008
A jacket or coat in ebonics
"Dude, go put your stitches on the rack!"
by scott January 23, 2003
Stitches: a painful piece of fabric they put into your body the sitches then sometimes turn into poison consuming your red blood cells and then causing your heart to drain. Your brainstem collapse because your brain becomes too heavy. Stitches are never something you should get. You've been warned.
A: "Hey Did you see dumbshit with her new stitches?"

B:"Yes, her heart already drained."
by Adeslin July 09, 2011
The area between your nuts and your asshole. See also knocka and taint.
Did you just lick my stitches? Don't try to kiss me!
by Joel TK June 08, 2005
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