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suspend a man upside down and make 10 or more other males ejaculate in his asshole. When the suspended man is ready, flip him right side up and make him shit in a bowl beneath. frappé or manually blend the mixture and use it as a pasta/ice cream topping.

May also be used as a chocolate milk substitute.
Nich said he needs some hooks for his stirring sauce later. All the boys are going!
by fluffygoose November 22, 2012
When a guy is suspended upside down with his sack lifted and his asshole spread as wide as possible. Ten other guys proceed to ejaculate inside the guys asshole. When the guy is ready to take a shit, he is placed right side up with a bowl below him and lets the turd and semen drop into the bowl. The suspended guy that had man cum inside him is then fluffed to a boner by the last guy to ejaculate inside him and ejaculates into the bowl as well. The content inside the bowl is then mixed and transferred to a pot and is boiled on medium high for 2 minutes. This can topped on ice cream or be drank in a glass like chocolate milk. If consumed like chocolate milk and the sauce sticks to your upper lip forming a milk mustache, technically its a dirty sanchez.
The football team is stirring sauce tomorrow for their big gay ice cream party this weekend.
by ToldYouItsARealWord October 12, 2011

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